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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – A Dependable Plumbing Contractor You Can Trust

Nobody knows when they’re going to need a plumber. You may have suddenly discovered that have a dripping faucet, a leaking pipe, low water pressure, a wet spot in your yard, no hot water… the list goes on and on. But there will be a point where we all have that moment when we ask:

How Do I Find a Plumber I Can Trust

The first place anyone goes to find a trustworthy plumber is the web. Nobody drives around to find a billboard about a plumber, and almost nobody picks up the Yellow Pages. But almost 100% of the time, when someone needs to find anything – including a plumbing contractor with good reviews – they pick up their phone and search for it online.

Underground Leak Repair

So you’ve made the first step! Whether you have an underground leak, or would like to investigate the possibility of installing a new tankless water heater, you’re on the right track. No one searches to find a mediocre plumber – we all want a dependable, trustworthy plumber that we can count on to show up on time and get the job done with excellence. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing checks all those boxes, and many many more. At Ben Franklin Plumbing, we even have an on-time guarantee that promises “if there’s a delay, it’s you we pay!” For every minute we’re late, we’ll pay you $5, up to $300! That’s putting your money where your mouth is.


Houston Plumbers for Emergency Plumbing and Drain Cleaning 281-394-0378

In Houston, Texas, there are a plethora of water filtration systems who offer emergency on the spot services. But just whom is the absolute best, you may ask? Well, there is a bountiful amount of that too. But what I would like to discuss with you is a company proudly named after America’s very first millionaire. That would be: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has been proudly named one of the best water filtration system in Houston TX by HomeAdvisor. In fact, according to HomeAdvisor’s website, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is so secure and confident of their services, they supply a 2 year warranty for all clients.

24 Hour Plumbing Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is not only the number one emergency plumber Houston and surrounding areas, but they also offer 24 hour plumbing services Houston TX. They even offer energy efficient, greener option tankless water heaters. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is so versatile they even range to Katy tx plumbers. Furthermore, they also do work outside of Texas, such as slab and gas leak protection Katy tx. According to their website, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing supplies slab leak plumbers Katy tx [slab leak detection houston, slab and gas leak detection Katy TX], help with high water bills, unexplained wetness or warm spots on floors, and low water pressure. As you can see, Katy tx plumbers are prepared for any scenario thrown at them.

Water Line Installation and Repair

As if the services that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are never ending, they also accumulate water line installation and repair Houston TX. Whether you need a brand new water line or previously had a clogged drain Houston Texas, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing delivers quality service. And to that, they are, of course, the top plumber Houston tx. Plumbers in Houston are usually not as assiduous as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.


Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Moreover, these plumber Houston are even satisfactory for bathroom and kitchen remodeling Houston TX. For a kitchen, especially a somewhat large one with an island, you will need a very reputable plumbing system for both the wall mounted faucet and the faucet on the island. More and more homes in this day and age are being turned into smart homes with updated technology. In order to abide by this new technology, it would be best to call in a well trained highly rated plumber. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will then come to your rescue. Kitchen remodels for today’s modern looks typically include new technological features such as pure granite, marble, hardwood floors, an array of spacious cabinets, etc. This, of course, includes the superb plumbing job Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has done for you. Or even if you are leasing a home you are renting out. 

Imagine this: you are showing a potential house you have bought for tenants to rent out. You glide through the foyer and mention how the home is a smart home that is completely electricly wired. You walk across to the stunningly furnished living room, anticipating the interest of your potential clients to make your investment in real estate and renting long term. You display to them the lovely and lively brightly lit dining room, and mention that it is adjacent to a lovely outdoor courtyard with a gas fireplace. Finally, you walk though the hall to back to show the beautifully renovated and furnished kitchen and family room.

You casually mention whilst showing the kitchen that you are confident that the Plumbing and faucet fixtures are up to date and abreast, all thanks to your lovely friends at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing who have helped you out immensely with this under going project. You also mention to your potential clients how respectively the checkered tiled bleeds out from the kitchen and family room into the captivating backyard that includes a pool and hot tub. You guide your clients to the main floor powder room and again mention the enchanting work of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and even throw in how much you would recommend this boisterous company to the glorious service even if they decide that the home is not in their favor.

Next, you accompany your clients upstairs to the beautiful second floor and give a quick summary telling them that the master suite is on one side of the hallway and the guest suites are on the other, sepeated by an elongated hallway and a spacious study with an attaching completely private balcony. Showing them the master suite, you captivate them with the beautiful recessed lights and mention how the potential to the entire house is unfathomably endless. You guide them to the wonferully mastered master suite, once again regurgitating the fact that it has a beautiful plumbing work done on both the sink and toilet, promising that no leaks or issues will ensue. 

You would walk them over to the guest suites, which are fully furnished and have natural lighting as well as electric lighting, and also their own balconies as well. Both bed rooms have their own ensuite with huge walk in showers and spacious walk around room. You tell them the rooms themselves are bright enough to even light up the room at night without lights. And finally, you walk them back into the hallway, passing a nice spacious laundry room, and climb to the gigantic third floor observatory over looking the stunning state of Texas, mentioning the possibility of a late night cookout or a leisurely evening alone. From this description alone, the ultimate tenants gladly accept your offer and you made a gracious business deal. All of this is what I would want for you reading this, and it came partially in thanks to your loyal partners at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. 

For bathrooms, most homes in this day and age have double vanities, which require double the plumbing. Whether you are going to opt for the side by side vanity or the two vanities facing each other, double plumbing is still necessary. Even so, maintaining said plumbing and pipes require you to watch over them meticulously to prevent possible future harmful mold. With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s priority service of contractor remodels, their Plumbing requested services are surely to help comply with any need you may have with what ever style you are looking to opt for.

Emergency Plumbing Contractor

Delving farther in, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have a leaky faucet at 2 a.m.? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will come to your aid. On their website, it is even proudly displayed of their around the clock work.

Plumbing Installation

Ben Franklin Plumbing in the Woodlands area offers worthy plumbing service, including plumbing installation. They are so absolutely confident in their on time stanza, they offer what they call a punctuality promise. The staff that arrives at the homes of the clients come fully prepared with a fully stocked truck ready to get to work as quickly as they possibly can. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has had, since their founding, gained the trust of thousands and thousands of people, ensuring pure satisfaction.

Water Heater Installation

As far as heaters are concerned, generally, people would prefer gas heaters. However, when the heater needs to be in the house, there is a strong consideration for the burner. As a result, most installation that are indoors will need to opt for an electric water heater. If you choose to select having a natural gas heater in your home, one big benefit would be that your water heater, stove, oven and such will still operate in the event of your electricity going out. The installation of a gas line is preferred by homeowners in the kitchen for a gas oven instead an electric oven.

Sewer Line Cleaning and Repair

For a clean sewer line, beware of trees in your backyard. While twigs and branches of a tree should be maintained periodically, you should also be conscious of the roots of the trees in your backyard. The roots of a tree can cause a sufficient amount of damage to a sewer line. The roots to a tree can grow into a sewer line, causing punctures and even causing it to break completely. Although this problem is practically invisible to the homeowner, there are telltale signs that you can become aware of to prevent such a costly tragedy.

In short, these signs include slow draining sink, tubs or toilets, a fast decline in water pressure, toilets that cannot seem to flush suitably, or even a fully clogged toilet. These issues are typically ignored by homeowners, but should be taken to caution and checked out immediately as it could save the homeowner from a potentially rough piping system and a rough repair bill. 

Professional plumbers, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of course, will be able to look over your sewage line and evaluate if the roots are posing a serious danger to your sewer line, or if they have the upright potential to. In that event, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will be able to assess the situation and alert you of what will be needed to either prevent it from further damage or how to repair it and resolve such matter.

Carbon Water Filtration System Installation

In addition, in the case of if you need carbon filtration systems installed, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will be happy to oblige. To get a carbon filtration system, activated carbon is needed to remove contaminated and impure water. To do so, chemical adsorption is needed, instead of absorption. A carbon filtration system is a huge benefit to have in a home since the carbon with attract certain chemicals at the molecular level, just like how a Santa Claus refrigerator magnet will gravitate towards your refrigerator when sticking it on. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing supplies carbon filtration system installation in Katy, Texas as well as all the surrounding areas around the town.

My Water Tastes Bad

To completely remove foul odors or taste in water, remove chlorine, and remove volatile organic compounds, a carbon filtration system is the best route to take. Carbon filtration systems take away harmful or foul contaminants with a small scrap size from 0.5 meters to 50 meters. Clients can locate the sizing as part of the filter description. Commonly for carbon filtration systems, block filters and granular activated filters are mainly used. Block filters are more progressive as they take away a larger portion of contaminants at a time. Granular activated filters and block filters can too be used for pretreating chlorinated water with reverse osmosis systems.

You need to pretreat the reverse osmosis membranes with carbon to demolish the membranes with chlorine. Fulfillment of a carbon filtration system would depend on how much and what kind of carbon is necessary. In addition to that, it is also determined by the filter arrangement and how much time the filter medium has conjoined with the water at hand. Reverse osmosis systems in today’s day and age possess carbon to protect membranes. Even in that instance, bigger measures are quite possible from the carbon filtration component for better water taking advantage of both the block filters and the granular activated filters. 

One good thing about Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is their reliability. One thing they rely on is their faucets to be fully functional and working. Nevertheless, the constant use of faucets and sinks results in an inevitable wear and tear on your pipes. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston will check your pipes for you, and if they find a problem, of course it won’t be a problem to manage the situation. They have an extensive expertise on faucets and faucet repair. They will even help replace such faucets if it comes down to it. 

In addition, Ben Franklin Plumbing will replace old and depreciating sinks and bath tubs. If you find that cracks and chips are starting to appear on your bath tub, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will use the best materials and initiatives of experience to replace your old bath tub, and have the new look sparkling brand new. Ben Franklin Plumbing replaces the best of best bath tubs including whirpool tubs, spa tubs, cast iron tubs, steel tubs, and also acrylic tubs. 

Not only that, but Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers sink replacement and installation. For kitchen and bathrooms, a full functioning and nicely designed sink is essential for future guests or even for future tenants if you wish to rent out a home you purchased. To obtain a good looking and impressionable sink, it needs to be clean and well running. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing does exactly that for you. You can pick from a plethora of different styles to help suit your needs.

Also, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston specializes in the installation of garbage disposals. Not only installments, but also a fast repair and service. Having a garbage disposal that backs up is a serious downer and a real hassle. But there is no undertaking too difficult for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. They promise to give you a fully functional satisfaction guaranteed garbage disposal to make disposing of food a much easier experience. 

Additionally, as if you could think there couldn’t possibly be more Benjamin Franklin Plumbing specializes in, they also specialize in expansion tank installation, service, replacement, and repair. Since water is so incredibly powerful, it is necessary to properly manage the water that comes into your house. When it comes to any type of pipes, a small glitch such as a faulty hammer arrestor can seriously damage a faucet. The small hammer arrestor could possibly not properly hold the pipes into place when someone in your household turns off a faucet. The constant knocking of the hammer arrestor into the water hammer could deteriorate your faucet system over time. Especially in a case of long term use. That is why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston is so absolutely helpful. They supply an array of expansion tanks to cure that problem that could take place. Expansion tanks help relieve pressure off of the water hammer.

Drain Cleaning

For drain cleaning, it is such a thing we as home owners do not consider or think about often, but it is so utterly important. Only when we as home owners see our drains have backed up, it is then we truly see how vital the care for our pipes are. Passive or even un functional drains can, in every sense, annihilate and destroy your kitchen and or bathroom. Of course, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston Texas can not only remedy this situation, but even prevent it from happening in the late future.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a vast amount of drain cleaning courtesy, entailing sewer and drain service, bathroom sink and tub draining, plugged toilets, kitchen sink drains, clogged toilet drains, garbage disposals (as previously discussed), sewer main line cleaning, rooter services, spot repairs, pipe bursting, catch basins, storm lines, clean outs (both interior and exterior), footing drains, sump pump replacement and repair, drain and sewer cleaning, grease trap installation, grease interceptor installation, and finally preventive maitenance. 

To conclude, good maintenance to your home takes common sense. However, if something were to go wrong, do not hesitate to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for reasonable pricing and guaranteed spending service. Even if nothing ever goes wrong and you may just need a highly trained contractor to set up plumbing to your home that is undergoing renovations, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will happily oblige to your needs, big or small.