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A sewer drain is a system of underground pipes specifically installed for transport of sewage from sinks, bathrooms, kitchens and other plumbing components. Commercial sewer drain cleaning plumbing services can take care of all your sewer drain needs.

The system plays a crucial role in residential and commercial buildings. It’s is also the backbone to wastewater treatment facilities for treatment and appropriate discharge.

Proper sewer drains are essential part of plumbing system in any commercial property. This is because blockages and simple build-ups are common cases due to enormous amounts of dirt, debris and mineral deposits injected into the drainage pipes.

Efficient commercial sewer drain cleaning should be done routinely and by plumbing professionals for longer servicing of the system. The main goal of commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels is to maximize profits by reducing costs.

Regular sewer cleaning eliminates the risk costly plumbing disasters. This is because systems problems are detected and dealt with at an early stage. Proactive system maintenance presents several benefits to both commercial and residential properties.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services Near Me

Whenever you experience a Sewer system blockage, do not hesitate to contact a professional plumbing service provider to diagnose and fix the problem. Reputable plumbing companies do offer solutions and expertly fixed systems in order to avoid further damage to the system. If experiencing sewer drain problems, schedule full- service commercial plumbing and drain cleaning with a reputable service provider near you.

You can always find top 10 drain cleaning services near you online. All you have to do is to conduct a simple search on Google.

Key in the subject as preferred and include the name of your town/city. You will be able to generate a whole list of plumbing service providers closer to you. Consider visiting several company websites, reading customer reviews and comparing cost and quality of services.

Ensure that the potential service provider is available to work around your schedule. It should be able to respond to emergencies 24/7. Check for credibility and reliability of the company before making up your mind.

Their experience, type of equipment and skill base in handling sewer drain problems is crucial to review for best customer quality services. Some of the best commercial sewer and drain cleaning service providers include Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Roto-Rooter, and DrainPro Plumbing, just to mention a few.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services Near Me

Best Commercial Drain Cleaning Machine

Commercial drain cleaning machines enables efficient removal clogs, whether biodegradable or non biodegradable, clear residue built up and ensures sewer pipes function properly. Machines should be powerful, well-built, suitable and easy to handle while cleaning sewer drains.

The machine should be cost effective and offers the best quality features for easy maneuver.

Evaluate the available designs, brands and features stipulated in the machine’s manual. Go for machines that are energy savers and reliable.

Some of the best commercial sewer cleaning machines include: Ridgid 52465 K-400 Drain cleaning machine, Pacific Hydrostar compact Electric Drain cleaner, Ridgid 34963 k-30 sink drain cleaner, Cobra products GIOns-211332 Drain cleaning machine, Ridgid 58920 k-50 sectional drain cleaning Machine among several others.

It is advisable to have the machine properly installed and tested before making final payments.

  • Choose equipment that comes with warranty and from a supplier who is willing provide maintenance services.
  • Avoid cheaper alternatives in the market. Settle on quality at a reasonable price.
  • Avoid shortcuts during installation in order to get the best out of your investment.
  • Proper installation accompanied by proactive maintenance is the perfect way to go.

How Much Does it Cost for Commercial Plumber to Snake a Drain?

$109 to $1000 according to type.

The cost of snaking a drain is determined by the type or severity of the clog and the market that you are in. Professional commercial plumbers charge for their services using flat rates or per hour rates and additional service charges varying with the company. Always refer to estimated national costs guide to know the price of having a plumbing system fixed.

Basic drain cleaning in the kitchen and tubs range between 109-214 dollars, laundry drain cleaning is between 151-214 dollars, while toilets drain cleaning109-273 dollars. For main line clogs are between 273-399 dollars. If the drain clog problem is beyond snaking then it might cost $400-1000 for high pressure water jetting and replacement of system lines.

To prevent incurring high cost of clog drain cleaning, it is important to practice certain routines such as:

  • Do not pour fats, oils and greases in sinks
  • Do not overload your disposal systems and run water to wash debris
  • Add screens in the bathroom to catch excess hair and manually remove hair from tubs.

Hiring a professional plumber to snake your drain will ensure that you get all drain services needed. You acquire a full written estimated quote prior in order to make an informed decision. You can ask for a quote from more than two cleaning firms for comparison purposes.

To save on costs, you might decide to do it yourself. However, this should only be applicable to small problems whose cause and solution is obvious.

Why Should I Call a Commercial Plumber to Unclog My Drains? 

Saves you time and money.

Commercial establishments flourish and generate profits for owners when expenditures and maintenance costs are reduced. Maintaining clog-free drains is both cost effective and time efficient.

Clean drain systems should always be free from bad odors to eliminate chances of microorganism growth that may cause diseases. Commercial plumbers play a crucial role in application of expertise when handling drain cleaning. These include:

  • They address general water issues as they attend to the plumbing components of an establishment.
  • They give a full diagnosis of systems through video pipe inspection for efficient pipe lines repair.
  • They improve general drain systems and hence improved efficiency.
  • They attend to everyday drain system’s challenges.

Why Should I Call a Commercial Plumber to Unclog My Drains

Best Emergency 24/7 Commercial Plumber to Unstop my Clogging Drain

Clogged drains can be stressful and undoubtedly occur anytime of the day. Contact clog drain service providers who are prompt and efficient when you need them. Consider service providers who cost you less by not charging extra fees for overtime. Experts operating all around the clock ensure that efficiency is restored as soon as they are contacted.

24/7 professional plumbers can ensure that potential crises such as flooding are avoided; so consider a service provider who works around the clock. Avoid firms whose services are restricted to a particular times of the day/week. Consult with friends and colleagues before making your choice, because a personal referral is the best tip you can get.

When Should I Call the Best Commercial Plumber Near Me? 

  • Job calls for skilled plumber. Certain situations demand contacting a professional plumber when they occur. Schedule drain pipe routine checks and make an appointment with the experts to routinely make inspections on your piping system. To avoid serious damage to your drain systems, call the best plumber near you when fix-it-yourself practices are no longer feasible.
  • Reputable 24/7 service plumbers are only a phone call away. Contact the best professional plumber near you when the drain clog is beyond self-snaking. This helps prevent your clogging problem from escalating to more risky levels.
  • When not dealt with on time, simple clogs can turn into serious plumbing disasters. Call the experts when you do not have the required skill, machines and equipment to unclog drains.

How Do I Know When I Need to Call a Commercial Plumbing Company?

Signs of drain problems often indicate reasons requiring the services of a commercial plumbing company. These early detectable signs include;

  •  When multiple plumbing fixtures are clogged – when water does not run through the sinks or when tubs do not drain. This is a clear indication of clogging.
  •  Bad smells – when unpleasant odors emanate from drain systems then this calls for plumber’s services to unclog organic materials stuck in pipes.
  •  Toilet issues – When you notice that the toilet is not emptying well and when you flush the water level rises or lowers below normal, then you need to call a professional. If the toilet level rises as the sink is draining, you’re likely to have a problem and need to call a professional.
  • When sewer stops or floats from sinks and tubs then it requires the attention of a commercial plumbing service provider.
  • When water is not flowing out the drainage clean-out then you need the services of a commercial plumbing company.

Attention to drain systems changes helps one to discern when the necessary services of a plumbing company are needed. It advisable to keep a professional plumber on speed dial.

Is it Hard to Clean Sink Drain By Myself?

Cleaning a sink drain on your own can be an easy task, yet requires clear cut steps for positive results. Requirements include: white vinegar, baking soda, hot water, straight wire, plunger, hand auger and bucket.

Follow this procedure when cleaning sink drain by yourself:

  • Treat the sink drain with approx. 120 ml of white vinegar and 120 ml of baking soda, and let the mixture sit in the drain for 15-20 minutes.
  • Flush hot water down the drain line to unclog the sink.
  • To eradicate bad odor, clean the drain with biological cleaners. These are preventative treatment enzymes which are environmental friendly. Odor buildup can also be eliminated by scouring the sink with ice cubes, salt and lemon peels.
  • Clearing clogs by simple means entails using a plunger which creates a tight seal in the flooded sink followed by quick pumps drawing out clogs. Clogs engorged deeper in the sink can be eliminated by inserting the auger in the sink drain crank then repeatedly push it up and down. This develops high pressure on the drainage line thereby removing the clog.

Is it Hard to Clean Sink Drain By Myself

Problems Associated with Commercial Sewer Drain Cleaning

There are a number of concerns that are associated with commercial sewer drain cleaning. A health and safety issue is a major concern for plumbers and sewer cleaners. Professionals are predisposed to heath and sanitation hazards. Sewer drains are potential habitats for disease-causing pathogens and bacteria.

Health practitioners’ advice is to wear safety garment when handling sewer systems. It is also important to get inoculation to prevent one from contracting viruses. Accidents like cuts are common phenomena at sewer drain cleaning sites.

Another challenge facing drain cleaning is the complex nature of processes and professional equipment. This necessitates thorough training and skill coordination.

Roots can also pose a challenge to efficient sewer cleaning as they are attracted by moist conditions surrounding the sewer system. They sometimes require the pipes to be replaced due to the enormous damage they can cause. It is best to plan for landscaping and sewer systems to minimize sewer pipes’ damage by plant roots when they mature.

Professional Cleaning of Bath Drains

Bath drains may be clogged by hair, soap residue, toothpaste or dirt debris. Licensed professional contractors follow a systematic routine when cleaning bath drains to avoid clogging.

Tools needed include white vinegar, plunger decloging machine, auger and bucket.


  •  Remove drain stopper and clear the debris
  • Use white vinegar to clean excess soap
  •  Use the auger to reach clogs in the drain by cranking it until you get resistance, then push the clog through or pull it out
  •  For stubborn clogs, use the declogging machine to reach the clogs then flush it out with either air or hot water

Test the bath drain to ensure that it is efficient. You can opt to do this by yourself once you have the basic tools. Alternatively, call your plumbing company for professional assistance.

Professional Cleaning of Bath Drains

Who Do I Call When I Need Sewer Drain Cleaning?

Certified sewer drain cleaning professionals are the most qualified parties to inform of sewer drain problems. Look for companies that offer distinguished cleaning services using qualified plumbers. Consider certified firms who are efficient in dealing with all-round plumbing services.

The company’s service provider should be able to listen to the nature of drain problems, analyze it and give appropriate recommendations. Site inspections should thereafter be carried out followed by complete repairs.

Commercial sewer drain systems should be regularly maintained to enhance durability and efficiency of the wastewater drainage and discarding. Contract the services of an accredited professional for best results. Avoid shortcuts during installation and regular maintenance.